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Welcome to Fleek You Salon

Fleek You salon offers a range of attractive services. These include, but are not limited to exceptionally done haircuts, hairstyling and hair-colouring services. These are handled by great professionals. These professionals know that the customer’s comfort level is to be emphasized, apart from nicely done styling and colouring.

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Haircuts & Styling

SUPREME hairstyling and attractive haircuts.

Beard Treatment

Groom your beard to attain an attractive look

Coloring Services

Distinguished beard colouring services that suits your face.

Beard Waxing

Stylised beard waxing to enhance your beard game

What We Do

Fleekyou offers a versatile group of services. Both men and women believe that our services are exceptional.



Fleekyou, is one of the most trust worthy salons. It specializes in offering the different sort of haircut for men. This makes it simply feasible for men to go for it. Our services are aimed at providing a suitable haircut for men. We are always up-to-date about the various haircuts introduced.



The times are gone when men didn’t need a facial. Men need to look good too. This value is what makes us reliable in the whole market. We place emphasis on the men’s grooming. We offer 3 different facials for men. Firstly, a basic facial.Secondly, a functional facial.Thirdly, a raw facial.



The traditional haircolouring is changing. It is not limited to one or two haircolour. People are wanting a blend of two or more colours. This feature is our USP. We know that men’s haircoloring needs shift according to the times. This is why, we love the newness and incorporate it in the men’s haircoloring.



The bridal makeup’s development is making it interesting. Bridal makeup services offered at our salon consist of 2 types. First, we provide subtle makeup looks. Second, we offer to you the medium-heavy makeup looks. Another option is offered. This is a mixture of subtle and medium makeup look for women.



Our services are aimed at providing a good haircut for women. Women place much importance on the haircuts. Your preferences are not only taken into consideration. But, they are given special emphasis and value. Women’s haircut needs are recognized. Thereafter, haircut styles are decided. Our salon prioritizes having different styles of haircut for women.



We know that skin is a significant part of women’s looks. If the skin is tight and supple then it is worth appreciation. Fleekyou is aware of this important information. We strive to fulfill your needs to the maximum extent. Skin replenishment is provided to you through improvement facials. Skin therapy is also offered to women.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hair Salon was founded in 1996 with the mission of providing hair care services. Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliquet. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor.

  • (Q.1) How do you do light makeup for a party?

    (Ans.) Sometimes, we are looking to be at a party within short notice.We get to know about the party only a few hours before it. If we are invited to a party, and we don’t get the invitation on time but a little while later, then the best course of action would be to do light makeup that accentuates your attire. To start with the light makeup look, one should put some moisturizer on the palm of one’s hands and use one’s fingers to transfer it to one’s face so that our face is covered in small moisturizer dots. Then spread it evenly over our face to keep our skin hydrated. Apply some kajal on your eyes.Then add a sleek curve of eyeliner to both your eyes. Apply some lipstick on your lips and then rub your lips with each other so that the lipstick sticks properly to the lips.
  • (Q.2) How to do good makeup for beginners step by step?

    (Ans.) Beginners who want to learn to do the face makeup should start with a sans-makeup look. One can easily understand how to do it. It is the most basic form of makeup. It is very economical and time-saving. It only requires one to have purchase limited number of products. One needs – a moisturizer, a lip balm, mascara, some foundation to execute the no makeup look.\nFirstly, wash your face with cold water and then dab your face dry. Secondly, start applying some moisturizer to cover each area of your face. Thirdly, apply/put some lip balm on your lips and rub the lips against each other. Fourthly, take a small quantity of foundation to cover your face evenly with it. To complete the no makeup look, add some mascara to your eyelashes.Lastly, check if some lipstick has spread outside the lips. Use a cotton ball to remove that.
  • (Q.3) How to do easily makeup at home for a wedding?

    (Ans.) It is always a good idea to get the wedding makeup done by a professional. It is not possible for everyone to hire a professional .Therefore, some people think of doing it in the comfort of one’s home.Make-up for a wedding function is quite time-consuming. It requires a huge amount of effort as compared to party makeup.A wedding function makeup requires one to be properly involved in the makeup session. It can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on its intensity.Firstly,the person should wash face with cold water and a face-wash.The face wash can be selected according to one’s skin.Secondly,one should apply a foundation suitable for one’s colour, that should not be too dark or too light. Thirdly, some blush of light pink should be applied on cheeks. A small quantity of dark pink blush can also be added to complement the light pink blush Fourthly, one can use coloured liner to highlight the eyes. Lastly, apply a soft shade of red lipstick and add some gloss over it. Then use a kajal pencil to trace the outer line of your eyebrows. Apply a bindi of any bright colour to complete the look.
  • (Q.4) How to do makeup for going to the office?

    (Ans.) If going to an office requires workwear, then we can also add a dash of makeup. At fleekyou salon, we understand your need to present your best self at your workplace.So, we suggest a basic makeup routine that one can execute easily in case one doesn’t have much time. One should use lipstick of the colour of the workweardress , if possible.One can start by washing the face thoroughly with cold water. Then, one can put some moisturizer on the face. Then one can apply sunscreen to protect one’s skin from sun damage. Apply a single stroke of eyeliner to keep it simple. Add a light lip colour, preferably one that matches the colour of your outfit. Apply some lip gloss on your lips. Use a plucker to pluck out any extra eyebrow hair coming out. Use your kajal pencil to lightly trace your eyebrow and you are good to go!

Meet our Amazing Team

Our team is a group of wonderful employees. They are ambitious, determined and energetic.

Fleek You Salon(Best Salon In Paschim Vihar)


Best Salon in Paschim Vihar  Delhi for Ladies and Gents


This is the best salon in Paschim vihar Delhi and Give The Neighbor With Global Salon And Spa Expertise. Our Service List Includes Beauty And Skin-caring, Focusing On Spa And Bridal Services To Give You A Full Feel-good Approach. We have the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi salon where you will get a beautiful look on your special day. Similarly, Wellness Shouldn't Mean Anything If You Weren't Being Well Handled You, Will, Receive. The Latest Quality Beauty And Spa And You Will Discover That Only Our Prices Treat You Well. This the best salon in Paschim vihar Delhi where our customers get good experience as you can check our reviews, photos, and services, etc.



However, Fleek, You salon is a full-service Hair Stylist Salon and provides many services. These are Roof Make-up, Hair Care, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Wash, Hair Treatment, Body Massage, And Party Make-Up, and Facials. In Other Words, This Salons Are Well Certified And Can Give You The Desired Hair Look.By FleekYou you can get some special products for using these you can get ready in 5 minutes in under 5 items.  You can go to the everyday office, college, and attending normal meetings. Your FleekyYou salon provides multiple and special services for ladies and gents. These are hairstyling, makeup, hair texture, hair treatment, facial and rituals, hand & feet, and nail care. We provide luxury services also for gents such as hair cut and finish, hair color, skincare, and beard grooming, etc.


Best Salon In Paschim Vihar With Luxury Services


FleekYou Is The Best Salon In Paschim Vihar Delhi Give The Neighbor With Global Salon And Spa Expertise. Our Service List Includes Beauty And Skin-caring, Focusing On Spa And Bridal Services To Give You A Full Feel-good Approach. Similarly, Wellness Shouldn't Mean Anything If You Weren't Being Well Handled. You, Will, Receive The Latest Quality Beauty And Spa. And You Will Discover That Only Our Prices Treat You Well.However, Fleek You Salon Is A Full-service Hair Salon That Serves Under One Roof Make-up, Hair Care, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Wash, Hair Treatment, Body Massage, And Party Make- Up, Facials And Other Beauty Salon Treatments Necessary. In Other Words, This Salons Are Well Certified And Can Give You The Desired Hair Look.

The Place Has A Fun, Welcoming Environment, Friendly Workers, And Excellent Hair And Skin Bundles That Make The Salon A Famous On. I.e This Salon Is The Best Salon In Delhi. In Addition, We Believe Everything Has To Improve And You Need To Take Control Of Yourself; Inside As Well As Out.Therefore, They Emphasize The Need To Respect Yourself. Now We Concentrate On Having Our Clients Groomed And At The Same Time Helping With Comfortable. In Other Words, Our Stylists Devote Themselves To Bringing Out The Inner Beauty Through Their Expertise And Desire For The Work.


With Excellent Facilities And Professionals Let Us Take Care Of Your Hair, Face, Body, And Mind.


We Are Also Specialists In Special Occasions Including Bridal Make-up And Makeup Studio, Colors, And Make-up. In Other Words, Focus On Giving Our Customers Good Quality Services. Therefore, Our Salons Are Known For Having A Luxurious, Comfortable Atmosphere For All Your Beauty Needs.


Vision | Salon In Paschim Vihar


The Dream We Are Committed To Creating An International Salon & Spa With A Luxurious Feel, Quality Brand, And Fanatical Customer Support. 



Mission To Provide A World-class Living & Wellness Environment An Attractive Pleasure Offered At The Comfort Of The Community Of Consumers.


Quality Policy

FleekYou Salon Operates On The Ideals Of Outstanding Quality And Professional Quality. And This Is Achieved By Our Team Of People In Touch With Trends Creating Style And Design. However, We Are Pleased To Show The Finest Beauty, Skin, And Spa Facilities, And Services.

Core Values | Salon In Paschim Vihar

We Are Agree Every Customer Is Handled With Utmost Respect And Loyalty. Believe Our Clients Deserve The Best Level Of Quality. In Conclusion, We Have A Huge Degree Of Duty To Satisfy Almost Every Single Client.


Value Of FleekYou Customers


Customer Fulfillment Is Significant For Us, Offer Topmost Types Of Assistance To Our Customers. Being Prompt And Excited Toward Our Work Makes Us Not The Same As Others. Fleekyou Means To Offer The Best Significant Level Of Assistance And Unwavering Quality. Go For Party Never Let Their Customer Desire Down, Fleekyou Pledge To The Beneficiary. Just Amicable Coordinator That Shares Our Guiding Principle, Energy For Helping Customers, And Trustable Work. At The Point When You Place Your Trust In Us, You Can Receive This Consequently.


Fleekyou At Go For Party That With Our Event Coordinator. You Can Make Your Own Reality All The More Fascinating And Unique In Relation To Other People. Fleekyou Initially Breaks Down Your Necessities Or Needs And Afterward Make Arrangement Appropriately. While Planning Presentation Our Exhibition Organizer Keeps Two Things In Their Psyche's Initial One Is Customer Fulfillment And Time Conveyance. Fleekyou Has Represented Considerable Authority In Giving The Best Creation Administrations In Paschim Vihar.


Fleekyou Can Serve Full Greatness Administrations Like Waterproof Slow Down, Waterproof Holder And Octanorm Slow Down, And So On. The Top Bridal Makeup In Paschim Vihar  Delhi Offers Different Administrations. One Is Pre-marriage Skincare That Gives You Pre-marriage Medicines Like De-tan, Fade, Clean-ups, Stringing, Waxing, Nail Treatment, Pedicure, And Facials. Marriage Makeup Fleekyou Has A Rundown Of First-rate Fleekyou Adding Cosmetics Craftsman Who Has An Understanding Of Around 4-5 Years. You Can Make Your Look Unique On An Exceptional Day And Is Capable Of Ordinary Cosmetics. Just As Enhance With Photoshop Cosmetics And So Forth Hair-dos And Pin-ups. The Vast Majority Of The Top Cosmetics Craftsmen In Paschim Vihar Have Their Own Group That Has Practical Experience In Various Zones.


Best Salon In Paschim Vihar For Hair Stylist & Skincare




You Can Request A Stylist To Get That Ideal Haircut For Your Marriage Luxury. Cosmetics Isn't Only The Lady Of The Hour. Yet The Lady's And Man Of The Hour's Mom Or His Sisters, Aunties Or Family Members Also Use It.Exploit The Visitor Cosmetics Administration Gave By The Cosmetics Craftsman In Paschim Vihar. The Bridal Makeup Artist On Fleekyou Gives Uh First-rate Cosmetics Craftsman. And His/her Group Can Help With The Sari Or Lehenga Hanging For The Lady. Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring Makeup Artists Begin Looking Early. You Should Be Scanned For The Best Marriage, Cosmetics Craftsman From Our Given Rundown According To Your Financial Plan. The First Check, In Any Event, Two Or Three Months Before The Fleekyou Wedding Date And Make A Rundown Of The Rumored. And Cosmetics Specialists And Begin Investigating On Our Portfolio.


Daily Basis Makeup


Get Surveys And Referrals When You Have Two Or Three Names Of The Main Independent Cosmetics Specialists In Paschim Vihar. All Cosmetics Specialists Have A History, And One Must Invest Some Energy To Peruse The Remarks On Marriage Discussions Or Get Referrals From Loved Ones. That Can Assist You With Shortlisting Two Or Three Cosmetics Craftsmen That You Might Want To Connect With Them Actually. Contact The Cosmetics Specialists From That Point Forward, You Have Perhaps Around 6 To 7 Names Of The Marriage Cosmetics Specialists In Paschim Vihar, You Can Get In Touch With Them Face To Face And Even Give Them A Shot Face To Face. You Can Complete A Preliminary Meeting On Various Days And See The Outcomes.


Special Cosmetics On Wedding Day


Get Some Information About The Nature Of Restorative, The Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics Craftsmen In Our Rundown Like To Adhere To A Specific Brand Of Cosmetics. Hence, In The Event That You Are Not Used To A Specific Brand, Or Would Incline Toward A Specific Brand, At That Point, This Is The Correct Chance To Discover As Indicated By Your Skin And Surface. Examine The Spending Plan As The Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics Charges In Paschim Vihar Can Differ, It Is Essential To Talk About The Spending Plan Before Settling. In Any Case, It Would Be An Error To Involve The Expense Over Quality.


They Should Know Precisely What You Are Expecting, And You Ought To Be Clear Concerning What You Are Paying For. Fleekyou Is One Of The Top Bridal Makeup Provider In Paschim Vihar. Fleekyou Gives Our Best Occasion Assets To Our Client That Makes The Occasion More Extraordinary. At GO For Party Seek To Be The Most Dependable And Inventive Occasion Organization Around The World. Fleekyou Generally Conveys An Elevated Requirement Of Value And Estimation Of Cash To Our Clients. Fleekyou Wedding Is A Lifetime Occasion You Have To Look Generally Delightful Among Your All Life Occasions. While Among Fleekyou Wedding Courses Of Action Shopping, Stylistic Layout Choices, And List Of People To Attend Short Posting, Broad Healthy Skin Schedules Are Ignored. At The Point When You Sit In The Bridal Makeup Seat In Your Uncommon Day, She Experiences Parcel Of Issues To Set The Cosmetics.


Party Makeup With Use Of Special Items


As She Puts Layer After Layer Of Cosmetics Item On Your Skin, She Has A Terrible Encounter To Set The Cosmetics All Over. You, Will, Be Troubled And Put A Terrible Survey. So While Ladies And gents Want A Decent Party Cosmetics Craftsman In Paschim Vihar Has Supernatural Fingers And Brushes And Items, Truly Even The Best Craftsman Will Confront Issues To Turn Terrible Skin Look Impeccable. How Do Get Your Skin Ready For Party Cosmetics In Paschim Vihar? You Require A Healthy Skin Proficient To Look Through The Fundamental Explanation Of The Issue And Take A Stab At Utilizing It With Drugs Or Medicines At Any Rate 3-4 Months Prior. Overabundance Medicines And A Prescription For Skin Break Out Truly Ruin The Skin Out. So You Require To Give Your Skin Some An Ideal Opportunity To Return From The Symptoms Of These Medicines.


Skin Glow Treatment By Well-Trained Professionals


Discover The Reason Which Makes Your Skin Glow Take Extraordinary Consideration To What Nourishments Or Propensities Get Your Skin To Sparkle And Which Ones Build Skin Inconvenience. For Example, White Wine Once In A While Gets Dried Out Skin And Breaks Out So A Few People Maintain A Strategic Distance From Drinking It. Take Special Care To Get Rid Of Patches Numerous Master Bridal Makeup In Paschim Vihar, Experience Generally Testing To Deal With Dry Patches. Cosmetics Colors Are Caught Onto Flakey And Dry Pieces Of The Skin And Show Up Completely Appalling. A Typical Slip-up Is An Inappropriate Decision Of Skin Type Because Of Which Individuals Select Wrong Items That Draw Out A Yield.


The Right Method Of Purging, Conditioning & Moisturizing With Peeling Two Times Every Fleekyou Week With The Correct Items Can Truly Build Up The Skin's Surface And Quality Which Thusly Assists With Setting Cosmetics To Go On Better And Last Better. Facials Can Be Avoided. In Any Case, Facial Massages Are Compulsory. Facials And Facial Massages Can Take Your Skin Gigantically. On The Off Chance That You Are Not Somebody Who Likes Facials, Simply Settle On A Message With Your Favorite Moisturizer Or Gel. Improved Blood Flow Not Just Solaces You, It Likewise Truly Improves Your Skin. This Is Each Party Cosmetics Craftsman Number One Marriage Healthy Skin Tip. No New Facials, Items, Medicines Or Anything. Take A Stab At Everything Before Ensure It Sets With Your Skin. On The Off Chance That You Are Delicate To Explicit Cosmetics Brands, Let Your Cosmetics Craftsman Know.


Special Items Use By FleekYou Salon


Do A Cosmetics Preliminary Fleekyou Well Previously So You Know The Items That Will Be Utilized On You Don't Respond With Your Skin. Obviously, Fleekyou As A Whole Knows That You Should Hydrate Your Body, Eat Fleekyou Well, Rest Parcels, And Exercise. Ladies As Often As Possible Don't Follow These Essential Advance However Fleekyouv On The Off Chance That You Make The Additional Vitality, Your Skin And Your Cosmetics Craftsman Will Upbeat. Looking Lovely And Beautiful On The Big Day Is The Fantasy Of All Young Ladies On This Planet. In The Event That You Wish To Change This Fantasy Into The Real World, At That Point Visit Fleek You Bridal Makeup Academy And Appreciate The Best And Unimaginable Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics In Paschim Vihar. Our Cosmetics Specialists Doubtlessly Guarantee To Make You Look Stand-out As A Lady Of The Hour.

Utilization Of Best Cosmetics Items With The Profoundly Talented Ability And Best Quality Scope Of Items. Flee Your Beauty Care Will Assist You With Dazzling Your Way Through Your Big Day. Our Marriage Cosmetics Craftsman In Paschim Vihar Consistently Utilizes Top Quality Items With The Goal That You Can Sparkle On Your D Day. Why FleekYou Bridal Makeup? In The Event That You Want To Look Entrancing On Your Fleekyou Wedding, At That Point Visit And Hair Academy Now And Profit Our Administrations. Fleekyou Offers Proficient Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics In Paschim Vihar At A Sensible Cost. Also, Fleekyou Includes First-rate Cosmetics Specialists Who Have Enormous Information On This Space.


How Should You Book The Best Makeup Artist In Delhi For Your Wedding In 2020?


One Should Be Able To Get Access To A Good Makeup Artist. One Can Easily Get Access To Low-level Makeup Artists. In Order To Be Able To Get Access To Higher-level Makeup Artists, One Should Either Be Having Connections Or Be Able To Do The Planning Well Before The Wedding Function.If A Person Is Able To Get Access To A Good Salon Then Naturally The Costs Will Be -

1. High

2. Too High




If One Wants To Look Attractive On The Day Of The Wedding, Then One Will Have To Get Access To A Good Makeup Salon. If A Good Makeup Salon Is Known To The Relatives It Can Be Beneficial.




It Is Possible To Realize That Many Salons Are Only Boosting To Be Good When In Fact They Don’t Provide Good Services. An Individual Has To Be Prudent In This Regard.If One Individual Has A Friend, Acquaintance, Or Any Known Person Who Knows About A Good Salon Then He Or She Can Share The Required Information. In Most Cases, The Person Who Has Actually Gotten The Service From A Certified Makeup Professional Can Act As A Guide. In These Cases, One Has At Least The Confidence That The Makeup Done Will Look Good. Also, The Various Makeup Artists Can Offer Less Costly Makeup If They Know The Consumer’s Known Person. This Can Actually Help The Bride A Lot.


Book Best Makeup Artists In Delhi





 If A Person Is Able To Get The Contact Numbers Of The Good Makeup Artists Then It Helps. These Makeup Artists Can Tell You That Makeup Can Boost The Morale Of A Person.Sometimes, It Happens That The Best Makeup Artists’ Works Are Available Online. They Can Be Reached Out Via Their Managers. Or In Some Cases, They Can Be Contacted Through Emails.​Process  - Following Is The Process Of The Booking The Best Makeup Artist -


1. Bride’s Contacts


Firstly, A Bride Should Be Able To Get All The Contacts Out. Amongst All The Contacts One Should Be Able To Take Out One’s Friends’ Numbers. These In Particular Would Be Those Ladies That Are Residing In New Delhi And Are Married. These Married Women Would Be Able To Know Which Makeup Artists Are Good. They Can Also Suggest The Name Of The Makeup Artist That Will Be Best For A Lady Who Is Going To Get Married Super Soon.


2. Bride’s Concerns


If A Person Is Looking To Get Married Then She Knows That Makeup Plays A Big Role. If The Bride Feels She Wants To Get Makeup Done At Her Ease And Comfort, Then It Will Be A Different Scenario. The Bride Should Be Able To Contact The Agent Of The Makeup Artist. Then She Can Explain That It Is Her Home Where She Would Want To Get The Makeup Done.


3. Bride’s Interests


There Are Many Makeup Artists That Can Be Reached Out. However, It Depends On The Interest Of The Bride. The Bride Can Want A Different Kind Of Makeup Done. If The Bride’s Interests Are Such That She Wants Simple Makeup Done Then That Is Also Possible.


Other Process Of Booking Makeup Artist In Delhi


4. Bride’s Monetary Status


In This Process, If A Bride Is Financially Well-off Then She Can Get A Good Makeup Artist Easily. However, In The Cases, If A Bride Isn’t Wealthy And Is Looking To Save Money Then It Is Going To Get A Little Difficult To Catch A Good Enough Makeup Artist. It Can Be Possible Only If The Bride Somehow Knows The Makeup Artist Through Some Connection.


5. Bride’s Location


If A Bride Is Located Close To The Desired Makeup House Then It Is Considered Good. However, If A Bride Is Living Far Off From The Desired Makeup House Then She Should Reconsider Her Decision Of Getting Makeup Done From That Makeup House. Instead, The Bride Should Prefer Good Makeup Artists That Are Located Close By. Consequently, They Will Be Easy To Access.


6. Makeup Trying Session


Sometimes, A Bride Feels The Need To Get A Makeup Testing Session Done. In This The Makeup Done Is Only On Some Part Of The Face. This Allows The Bride To Be Open To At Least The Option Of Getting A Live Glimpse Of The Makeup Professional And Artist’s Makeup Skills. If Makeup Is Good, Then The Bride Feels Assured That She Would Be Fine On The Wedding Day.


7. Thought Process


It May Happen That If A Person Is Thoughtful He Or She May Not Like The Idea Of Heavy Makeup. In Such A Case, The Bride Can Reach Out To The Makeup Artists Who Are Specialized In Doing Light Wedding Makeup Looks.


8. Accessibility Time And Date


The Date Of The Wedding Is A Factor In Selecting The Makeup Artist And Then Finally Booking It. If A Person Is Accessing The Makeup Artist Then The Time And Date Play A Role Before The Booking Is Done.


9. Venue Of The Wedding -


If The Venue Of The Wedding Is Such That It Is Far Away From The Makeup Artist's House Then A Lot Of Preplanning By The Bride Is To Be Done. However, If The Venue Of The Wedding Is Close To The Makeup House, It Is Preferable Then.


10.Time Of The Wedding - 


The Time Of The Wedding Plays A Role In The Booking Of The Makeup House. It Is Suggested That The Bride Get Ready On Time. Sometimes There Might Be Traffic Jams And This Can Cause Trouble. If The Time Of The Wedding Is In The Morning Then Different Makeup Will Be Done. If The Time Of The Wedding Is In The Evening Then Different Makeup Is Done. 


11. Booking


booking Is Done Finally When The Bride Is Fully Convinced. If The Bride Is Satisfied And Content With The Work Of The Makeup Artist Then She Can Pay Some Amount. This Will Finalize The Booking.


12. Booking Confirmation


once The Booking Is Done Then Confirmation Is Also To Be Seen. If The Makeup House Has Done The Booking, Then It Will Send A Booking Confirmation Through SMS Or Through Email.


How To Take Appointment Of FleekYou 


On The Off Chance That You Are Going To Join Any Marriage Or Gathering. And You Are Searching For Spending Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics In Paschim Vihar. So I Recommend You Visit Fleek You Salon In Paschim Vihar. Here Fleekyou Will Give You Best Marriage Cosmetics, As Ombre, Fade, Nail Trim, Pedicure, And So Forth. Our Charge Of Fleekyou Wedding Cosmetics Is Extremely Low And Everybody Can Visit Here And Benefit From Our Administrations. 


Opening Times

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  • Tuesday10.30 AM – 8.00 PM
  • Wednesday10.30 AM – 8.00 PM
  • Thursday10.30 AM – 8.00 PM
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  • Saturday10.30 AM – 8.00 PM

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