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FleekYou Salon | Beauty Salon in Delhi

Fleekyou is a renowned salon. All over the country people are aware of its reputation. Due to its image people know that they won’t be betrayed. This is the reason people have faith in our services. Consequently, our capabilities are trusted.Fleekyou has managed to awe the customers. Since the customers believe that they can get good services. Our culture focuses on hard work, strong ethics and especially strong moral conduct.

Our motto is “Do Your Best”. We know that our best outcomes are dependent on our inputs. Therefore we believe in offering perfect services. Most of the time,people who have approached us, are satisfied.  Any time, a customer feels a service could be better is allowed to voice his or her opinion. This is something that makes us different. While other salons are scared of reviews we believe in improvement. Improvement is achieved through any negative feedback the consumers provide.


The holiday calendar is a list that mentions the date of various holidays. Holidays are evenly distributed over the year. This is done so that our staff can relax. They should not get exhausted. We believe in employing fully-trained professionals. These professionals realize that the holidays are an important component of the job. This is why we have had staff that is employed over a long time period. They like working with us. That is why, they stick with us over longer duration of time.


We believe that holidays in some situations should be increased. This is why, we have introduced this very feature. When employees feel that there is a need of an additional holiday, then this is possible. He or she has to follow a systemic procedure for availing this. Additional holidays are the icing on the cake for our employees.


When a certain amount (service fees) is payble by the customers then there is an option of payment through card. This makes the transaction process simpler.  It is also convenient. The flexibility in payment method is commendable. Our customers are very happy due to it.


Fleekyou understands that employees should be allowed to participate in other activities. Therefore, staff meeting sessions are held regularly. During these sessions employees share their ideas with each other. When the staff is happy they perform better. They function better.


Fleekyou is not just a business organization. It also believes in social responsibility and responsiveness. Our social responsibility tasks encompass many rules. Under this, we encourage employees to monitor their social involvement. The services that one can involve in are many. From becoming an intern at a small firm, helpingthe needy to empowering a girl child. All these help our staff grow. This in turn, helps them in becoming empowered citizens of the country.

What Services Fleekyou Provided


When people are in the 1st month of their employment, they are given training. This training at Fleekyou is in the form of guidance. Senior employees are involved in this process. They are aware about the help they need to provide. These senior employees offer these free services of guidance. It is expected for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months. It utilizes the experience of senior employees to tutor and advise immediate joiners. If there is any clarification required, then one can ask the seniors. This helps in knowledge transmission and transfer. It also gives a sense of authority to the senior employee along with help to the new employees.


Fleekyou believes in focusing on the present. We don’t place much importance on past. Therefore, if our employees are unsuccessful in any salon in the past, then that is ignored. Employees get a chance to show their skills in the current environment. There is this lack of judgement. Fleekyou is experiencing good growth due to this feature.

REJUVENATION CENTRE ASSOCIATION  - We offer our consumers to be involved in friendships. The friendships may vary from age to age, gender to gender. Once a month, the rejuvenation centre association is organized. Once this is done, they gather in the Lake garden area to interact and feel fresh.

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We are the leading beauty salon in LA providing high-quality hairdressing, makeup, and skin care services to everyone.
  • fully focused on accessibility
  • Based on modern design concept
  • impressive and attractive design with graceful features
  • More creative with smoothness and flexibility
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities
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