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With regards to cosmetics, Fleekyou is the name that comes as a primary concern of thousands of individuals who are searching for a dependable and expert cosmetics craftsman. Fleekyou offers both full time and low maintenance courses prompting worthwhile vocation openings. With an energy to give quality cosmetics instruction and following 8 years of fruitful activity, the Fleekyou has extended its branches in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.


Fleekyou has caused a ripple effect for being the lady behind attraction and the loveliness of her ladies. She works alongside her devoted group to make the most beautiful search for some random event. The utilization of imaginative methods and skin-accommodating items is a piece of her cosmetics system. She has been exhaustively doing conventional, present day and in vogue makeovers for magazines shoots, design shows, portfolio, and article shoots. Her group incorporates of cosmetics specialists who have experienced broad preparing, functioned as specialized mentors, for different national and global cosmetics brands and, and have worked with probably the best cosmetics craftsmen in the design business. They have an uncommon and remarkable style that has arrived at countless crowds as magazine spreads and Ad films.


She is known for making outstandingly delightful ladies and gives make-up preliminaries. She is enthusiastic about her work and has faith in flawlessness no matter what. She needs to make each lady of the hour's blessing from heaven and make it the most essential day of her life. She accepts that everybody anticipates the appearance of the lady with bated breaths quietly and needs to get her first impression; consequently to make it capturing and eye-getting is her duty. As a bridal Makeup in Delhi/NCR, she has won the hearts of thousands and has a tremendous rundown of fulfilled customers who love to come again and again.


Fleekyou is a presumed bridal Makeup Artist and has tremendous involvement with wedding makeovers, marriage excellence cosmetics, gathering, and occasions cosmetics. Her previous work understanding as a lodge group part with Jet Airways helped her in venturing to the far corners of the planet and picking up information on magnificence patterns and most recent cosmetics thoughts. Her presentation to these worldwide design patterns in nations like Italy, France, Belgium, US, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Africa catalyzed her abilities as well as brought her a gigantic measure of fulfilled customers who depend on simply.



You should do it for to a half year of your wedding date. Cosmetics and hair is a fundamental piece of wedding arranging. It is significant not exclusively to guarantee you have your dream your look yet in addition that your cosmetics and hair master comprehend your vision and desires. Booking it at last can prompt disarray and not really acceptable outcomes. Additionally, a decent cosmetics master will consistently encourage you to book for a pre-marriage excellence treatment according to your skin type and issues (skin break out, pigmentation, tanning, and so on.). This will get your skin in top condition for the large day.


Would it be a good idea for me to GO FOR A MAKEUP and HAIR TRIAL?

Obviously, A counsel or meeting with your cosmetics and hair master is an unquestionable requirement for each lady of the hour to-be. It encourages you both see each other better. Book for the preliminary at the studio as it has appropriate lights, which will assist you with having a more intensive glance at your BRIDAL LOOK and comprehend it better. Enlighten her concerning your wedding lehenga (shading/style), gems, and hair frill. We recommend you take some cosmetics pictures that you like alongside you. These pictures could be basic. It generally enables the master to comprehend your BRIDAL VISION. The cosmetics craftsman can evaluate these pictures and confront how that can be deciphered directly. Post-preliminary, take a great deal of pictures from your telephone to perceive what you look like and on the off chance that it coordinates your creative mind.



At Fleekyou offer the best and most recent in wedding cosmetics. All these Bridal cosmetics procedures guarantee smooth, impeccable skin surface. From covering dull spots, dark circles and skin break out to giving you etched highlights; these cosmetics methods will totally change your face staggeringly.

Additionally, in this day and period of superior quality Wedding recordings and Photography, where the camera gets even the minutest detail of your marriage look, these propelled cosmetics procedures give you top quality, camera-accommodating completion. This implies, you look completely phenomenal in your Wedding recordings and collection. Sorts of Bridal cosmetics that we offer are:


Digitally embellish Make-up

Digitally embellish is a lightweight cosmetics applied through a compressed air firearm machine that spreads little particles for an immaculate completion. The even layer of cosmetics gives a totally matte completion to your look. Asking why it is ideal for ladies? Ordinarily, light wipe or brush imprints can be found in the superior quality pictures of numerous ladies clicked during the wedding. Digitally embellish kills this chance and gives you a perfect, sparkling skin.


HD Make-up

The lopsided skin surface with a few different imperfections can be disguised with the assistance of superior quality cosmetics equations. The HD cosmetics recipes are intended to be sheer which encourages skin to look normally excellent. It brilliantly inspires the surface of the skin and makes it look perfect and smooth in the photos. In contrast to substantial hotcake cosmetics, it doesn't look thick or excessively made-up. Rather, it gives your face a characteristic brilliance.


Silicone Make-up

Silicone is ideal for the ladies who might want to go for a delicate, moderate cosmetics look. It shrouds pores, flaws, checks, spots, and barely recognizable differences and permits cosmetics to float on easily. The outcome is a solid looking skin that gleams from inside. It makes the lady of the hour look new and awesome! Would it be a good idea for me to BOOK MY PRE-BRIDAL PACKAGE ALONG WITH MY BRIDAL MAKEUP? It is better on the off chance that you book both on the double. This is financially savvy and efficient. It likewise spares you from the pointless worry of planning with two distinct specialists situated at two better places. Fleekyou’s offers all the pre-wedding and marriage administrations under one rooftop. With one arrangement, you can counsel a cosmetics and hair master just as a skin specialist at one spot. Book your pre-marriage bundle 6 to 9 months before your big day. This will helps our skin specialists tweak a skincare treatment according to your skin type and issues (skin inflammation, dim spots, pigmentation, tanning, and so forth.). In the event that, you are considering further developed medicines like Permanent Hair Removal, Permanent cosmetics, Chemical Peels, Fillers, and Botox, it is prudent to go for these in any event 6 a year prior to your big day. So the early you start, the better it is for your skin.



We offer head-to-toe excellence and hair benefits that will get your hair and skin in top condition for the Big Day. The bundle can be modified according to your necessities and pocket. It incorporates administrations like – full-body wax, body cleaning, facials, hair spa, hair shading, body back rub, and pedicure/nail trim. Fleekyou is the main magnificence center in the nation that offers conventional just as most progressive medicines like Permanent Hair Removal, Permanent cosmetics, Chemical Peels, Fillers, and Botox. We additionally offer elite administrations, for example, mehendi configuration, nail augmentation, and nail craftsmanship.



The bundles are from onwards. Be that as it may, these can generally be modified according to your skin's prerequisites after a meeting with a skin specialist.



Another lady of the hour is consistently at the center of attention. So you should take additional consideration of your skin to keep up that unquestionable marriage shine. This separated, a decent cosmetics pack is an unquestionable requirement have for each lady to be. Since Honeymoon is getting as excessive as the wedding festivities, there are chances that you will be traveling to fascinating areas in India or abroad, and sharing the photos of your sentimental departure on Facebook &Instagram. The special first night look of the new lady must be prettier, hotter and completely glitzy. Before you take off, we suggest the accompanying items from Fleekyou's eponymous image, which you can without much of a stretch purchase on the web, or disconnected from any of our magnificence facilities.