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How To Get Safe And Secure Bridal Makeup In Delhi During Covid19

During the times of CORONA, the makeup (artist) industry has been negatively affected. After the people got to know about COVID-19, they have become careful before stepping out. This pandemic has shown its adverse effects on all sorts of jobs in various industries. And one of the popular industries is makeup that has seen a sharp dip in the customers. Makeup has been an industry that has grown in recent times. Most of the best Bridal makeup artists in Paschim Vihar Delhi have arranged the makeup products to be kept covered properly.

The problem is that, presently, people have reduced their outings. The number of wedding functions has reduced. Due to this, the parlors and salons have seen a big fall in their customers.

Makeup houses have not only experienced a shortfall of customers but also seen direct cancellation of bookings. People have been changing the wedding dates due to lockdowns being implemented. Due to this, the makeup artists and makeup professionals are seeing a drop in their earnings.

Many makeup artists have closed their makeup houses temporarily. Some of the makeup artists have also thought about opening makeup houses on an alternate day basis.




Bridal makeup, as known to many people, is much different from normal makeup. So Bridal makeup artists and professionals are more skilled and have more expertise than those who do regular makeup. Bridal makeup takes longer to settle and stick on one’s face.




In the times of this pandemic, people are becoming more careful. If a family is thinking of a wedding then a restricted number of people are to be called. In these adverse times, some brides are choosing to do light makeup. Some brides have also thought of choosing to do makeup from home on their own. Some have chosen a beautician to give them a soft bridal makeup look at their homes. Increasingly, brides are choosing safety over better makeup looks.

After 3 months of the COVID-19, big makeup artists are adjusting and trying to attract customers. Many makeup artists have gotten sanitization done at their salons. Others are following some strict safety measures and are getting accustomed to disinfecting services. Many brides are becoming paranoid. They don’t know what to do. They are unsure as to how to deal with this situation. Our website is known to give useful advice.


Brides are told to look at the following options -


-One, the brides can do the makeup on their own. (If it is possible, that is). Mostly, brides that go for this option are confident. They are assured that their abilities to do makeup are good.

-Two, the brides can get the makeup done from a reputed makeup house that uses branded products. (This is advisable only if the makeup house is getting the whole house sanitized religiously at least twice a day. Only a small number of brides choose this option.

-Three, the brides can call a makeup artist at their home to get the makeup done. The makeup artist would have to ensure proper safety. The makeup artist should be able to understand the needs of the bride. She should be using fresh makeup products.

-In general, more and more brides are resorting to this option. Brides are choosing this because they want to get the makeup done properly. Also, they don’t want to compromise on their safety. They also want to get makeup done in the comfort of their homes.




Most of the makeup artists are extremely aware of the requirements of these times. The following procedures are followed –

-Using hand covering safety nets. These ensure that the makeup artist doesn’t come in contact with makeup kits directly. This also ensures that makeup artists don’t come directly in contact with the various brushes and makeup tools.

-Using face masks while working. This is a necessity. One should have some face masks that can be properly tied up behind one’s face. This will ensure that the makeup person can protect herself even while – getting close to the face of the bride while applying blush, eyeliner, and mascara. All these require the makeup person to be close to the bride’s face. This safety measure will keep both the bride and the makeup artist safe.

-Using sanitized makeup products – The makeup person should ensure that the makeup products have to be used only once in a day. That means, that they should only use specific makeup products for a single client. The same makeup products shouldn’t be used for another client.

-Using products that are easy to be cleaned and sanitized. Only branded and clean makeup products have to be used.


Some Other Important Points 


-Some makeup products should only be used minimally. Sometimes, certain makeup products cause skin damage. These should be avoided.

-Sometimes, makeup artists know that certain products are not safe in these times. These particular products are to be avoided. Only in the case of extreme necessity, should these products be used.

-The makeup brushes that have been used with a single client need to be cleaned. Then only they should be used on the next customer.

-If the makeup artist is technologically-advanced, then he or she can use disposable makeup brushes. These makeup brushes have been introduced recently. Specifically, in this pandemic, these brushes have eased the makeup process. Although these have been introduced now, their usage is bound to increase in the coming days.