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How To Use And Apply Skin Care Products: A Basic Guide

How to use and apply skin care products: A basic guide 


*Before we actually begin with the guide, a note to everyone out there; not all skin types are the same and the products used for each skin type may vary. 


Why must a routine be followed for skincare and why does it have to be a certain order? 


A simple answer to this question is that our skin doesn’t want anything going in and thus produces oil to keep the dirt out. Thus It is best to start with these antioxidant serums and finish up with a moisturizer or cream. The Best Makeup Artist in Delhi recommends these few tips:


Divide your routine between day and night time: 


Day Routine: Since a morning routine is for protection from the sun and pollutants thus do not use exfoliative products.


Step 1: Start by washing your face with some warm water or with a face wash suited to your skin type.


Step 2: Apply a toner that's appropriate for your skin, toners manufactured these days do not cause any harm but help in balancing the pH of the skin. Yet they remain a personal preference. 


Step 3: Next, serums target very specific skin problems thus they should be put in at an initial stage, antioxidant serums are recommended. 


Step 4: Eye cream is something that should be applied every day at least once and should be applied. It is also recommended to use an SPF eye cream for daytime. Putting sunglasses when outside can also reduce the damage caused by UV rays.


Step 5: Spot treatment creams need to be applied close to the skin for the most effective results. Most acne and spot creams have different active ingredients and thus should be used after being consulted by a physician. Acne and spot treatments are known to dry out the skin thus should be applied to the affected spots only.


Step 6: a moisturizer is a must for all skin types as it provides hydration to your skin, the best time to apply moisturizer on your skin is while it is still damp. If you are using the acne treatment along with this regimen try and avoid the areas with the spot treatment.


Step 7: The final step to finishing up your routine is sunscreen, a physical, mineral, or chemical sunscreen. A physical sunscreen with zinc is recommended. As for a chemical, sunscreen tries to get one that offers moisturizer benefits as well.


As for your nighttime routine 


Step 1: It is recommended to remove your makeup with a dedicated makeup remover and then wash your face with a gentle cleanser.


Step 2: If you use a toner it can be applied the same as it was applied in the daytime, but if you use essence or a booster use them after washing your face. If you intend to use both a toner as well as an essence then it is best to start with the toner and then apply the essence.


Step 3:  Aside from addressing dark circles and lines an eye cream also protects and nourishes the delicate eye area. It is advised to apply the eye cream before the treatment creams to protect your eyes against irritation. 


Step 4: Choose your treatment based on what your skin needs, do not mix exfoliation treatments with your prescription.


Step 5: Some people tend to use the same moisturizer that they use in the daytime as opposed to a proper night cream, a night cream traps moisture. Night creams form a protective layer on your skin at night which traps the moisture that helps the skin heal. If you have dry skin use face oil before applying a night cream.


These are some of the tips from the Best Salon in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. For more such helpful tips stay tuned.