Get Ready In 5 Minutes In Under Five Items

For that clean natural everyday no makeup make up  look , I suggest don’t go heavy on the products. Keep it simple and easy and get ready for your every day office , college or office  meetings in just UNDER 5 MINUTES AND 5 PRODUCTS. Here are the 5 products that you will need to achieve the look.

Get Ready In 5 Minutes In Under Five Items

That may result in oxidization and your foundation might turn grey. I suggest personally going and buying the foundation is always the best option. Foundations brands that provides varieties of shades for indian skin tones are MAC, PAC, MAYBELLINE, LOREAL, ESTEE LAUDER and MAKEUP FOREVER.

CONCEALER - Concealers basically are used to achieve an even canvas and is supposed to be used under eyes and to conceal other dark spots. With concealers you should go a shade lighter than the foundation shade because while using it under your eyes we are highlighting the under eye area as well. Brands like MAYEBLLINE, PAC have some good range of concealers available.

COMPACT - With compact we ensure that everything that has been put on our face stays at its place and its one really important step guys. Not just at the time of doing the makeup but compact comes really handy for doing regular touch ups. MAC, LAKME, ESTEE LAUDER, SUGAR COSMETICS offers some really good stay in place compacts.

KAJAL or LINER - You can either be a kajal person or a liner person but you can never be neither. We woman are somehow born with this art of applying both. LAKME, MAYBELLINE, SUGAR COSMETICS offers great varieties of both. I am actually both so My personal favourite is LOTUS ECOSTAY and SUGAR COSMETICS EYE WARNED YOU SO INTENSE BLACK LINER. Check them out guys these are gem of products

LIPSTICK/ LIPBALM -Last but not the least is Lipsticks and lipbalms because a little color is all we need to finish off this natural everyday look. Some options can be from MAC, PAC, MAYBELLINE, LOREAL, SMASHBOX etc.

You can get ready under 5 minutes with these 5 products for your everyday outings and meetings. For more information related to the products do let me know and I will be happy to help. Also, Do remember ladies do not ever go over board with the every day looks because sometimes it may work but on the other hand its really important to do your makeup as per the occasion and the event.