Men's Grooming, Haircut, Beard, Facial, Massage & Other Men's Special Services



Earlier the people never thought of men having any interest in fashion and looks. Nowadays, this idea is replaced by a new one.In these times, people find recognition important. One such means of making this happen is through a variety of grooming services. The grooming helps men feel -


  1. Confident – Men become confident.
  2. Secure - Men feel secure in their looks.
  3. Smart - men become smart in appearance.


Now appearance holds people’s attention. Men find Fleekyou services –


  1. Reliable

  2. Sufficient

  3. Great 

  4. Extraordinary

  5. Authentic

  6. Verified

  7. Updated




The gender norms in application now are quite different. They allow males to invest in beauty as much as females.Consequently, this changes people’s perceptions. Now men who look after themselves are considered fabulous and sensitive.All of this has far-reaching results. Only those people who understand these norms know this. The men grooming industry is developing. This development helps men to be in charge of their looks. Not only does it bring peace but also joy.Convincing men to do funding in this area is a thing of the past. Fleekyou is aware of all of this. Therefore, it has developed a huge range of grooming services.




As mentioned earlier, our services are wide-ranging. The total numberof services are seven. Out of these first four come under the primary services. The next four come under secondary services.These are -


  1. Men’s beard grooming
  2. Men’s haircut
  3. Men’s hairstyling
  4. Men’s face cleaning
  5. Men’s Skin therapy
  6. Men’s Skin exfoliation
  7. Men’s Facials for skin improvement


Men's Special Services


The following list seeks to give a certain level of clarity and comprehension. Fleekyou understands that people want to know about the services available. Basically, Fleekyou maintains transparency at all levels. This transparency benefits not only our consumers (men) but also service providers. It allows the consumers (men) to select which service they want on immediate basis. They can also choose a future date on which they want to avail the services.


Primary -  Following services come in the primary services we offer. To bring comprehension, we thought of telling it in a certain manner -


  1. Men’s beard grooming- We know that it is not easy to manage one’s beard. Fleekyou makes men comfortable in sharing their desires. They can freely explain the way they want to look. These can be specific or general points regarding one’s appearance. This will help our service providers offer the best services. Grooming men’s beard by our professional takes anywhwere from between 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
  2. Men’s haircut - The men’s haircut is offered as part of our primary services. Our grooming professionals focus on providing personalized services. These are in tandem with the men’s needs. If men want a simple haircut then it barely takes 10 minutes. However, if men want a little stylish haircut then it takes more time. It is more time-consuming but makes one look better. Due to this it is more expensive than the simple haircut.
  3. Men’s hairstyling – Men looking to have a smart hairstyle, come to us. We believe that our grooming professionals are competent hairstylists. The new age technology has diversified the men’s hairstyling needs. Our main motto is to deliver such excellent services. These services serve to highlight better hairstyles. There are 15 hairstyles in total. Out of these the consumers(men) can select one that he prefers.


Also Some Other Men's Special Services

  1. Men’s face cleaning –Face cleaning, as the name suggests is a means of clearing skin’s dirt. Many a times, men continue to work long hours outside. This makes the skin dirty. This is where face cleaning plays the significant role. Fleekyou is involved in making face cleaning a simple and less time-consuming task.
  2. Men’s skin therapy –Fleekyou provides this service to those who want better skin. On many occasions, the skin therapy is extremely beneficial. However, the skin therapy is not meant for all men. It is not suitable for men with dry skin. Men with sensitive skin also should not get this done. The cost of these services are between 5,000 Rupees to 8,000 Rupees.
  3. Men’s Skin exfoliation -The skin exfoliation is a treatment based service. Here at Fleekyou, it is reasonably priced. We provide good products to our skin professionals. They examine an individual’s skin. Once the examination is done, it becomes easy for the professionals. They decide the kind of skin exfoliation treatment suitable for men. Our skin professionals are cognizant of the various skin types. Accordingly, everything is done. The cost of the services lie between Rupees 3,000 to  Rupees4,800.
  4. Men’s Facials for skin improvement -Men’s facials services in our salon is very good. The brand of the facial products is carefully selected at our salon. This is what makes it highly beneficial for men.


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