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It is a widely held belief that a good and reputed salon can be beneficial for women. Women are learning to do a basic makeup on their own. Women who have interest in fashion and appearance can rely on us.In these times, people find looking good important. One such way of appearing neat and tidy is through a good combination of grooming services. The grooming can help women become expressive.Good grooming services and products also helps one build one’s personality. Fleekyou is highly sensitive to women’s makeup needs. It is responsive equally to all women who aim to improve their appearance. After availing our services, women are satisfied with the work done. This is because Fleekyou manages to get good grooming done. It is also economical and time efficient.


We offer variety of services for women. Women have a lot of faith in our salon. Our ability to give women proper grooming services is liked. Out of thousands of salons, Fleekyou stands out. This is due to its dynamic nature of services. The services range is enhanced regularly. It is adjusted according to the changes happening all over the world. Our services are competitive. We don’t believe in doing less than excellent work. Many women have appreciated our range of services. Following is the list of grooming services provided to women.

They are -

  1. Women’s face bleaching.
  2. Women’s haircut.
  3. Women’s hairstyling.
  4. Women’s face cleaning.
  5. Women’s Skin therapy.
  6. Women’sSkin exfoliation.
  7. Women’s Facials for skin improvement.

List of women's special Services by Fleekyou -


The preparation of the following list is done. Many of the Fleekyou services providers know our basic values. Value-based services are the best. We make sure our staff employees know the number of services available at our salon.

Initially,Fleekyou started with only 2 services of women. This included hair cutting and hairstyling. Afterwards, it thought of expanding the services to other arenas. Now, we have nail-polishing service. Presently, our total services for women number around 10.  We are choosing to make an addition to the total services. In the future, we are introducing nail-art services. They will consist of varied colours. They will range from pink, orange, blue, red, yellow to green, white, bold blue, silver and golden.


  1. Women’s face bleaching -:  The face bleaching service is not costly. Instead, it is quite cheaper at Fleekyou if we compare it with the other salons.It costs about 500 Rupees to 800 Rupees. This will depend on the bleaching product used.Women who have dry skin should not go for this. Women who have sensitive skin should consult our senior facial professionals. Then after having  a thorough discussion should they think of going for the bleaching services.
  2. Women’s haircut -: There are about 6 types of hair-cutting services available with us. We inspect our customer’shair health. On this basis, decide which kind of haircut would be healthy fora women. Sometimes, the kind of haircut is decided according to one’s face shape. The various shapes that are namely, diamond, square, oval and heart. These will help our professionals in deciding their next move.

Also Some Other Women's Special Services :- 

  1. Women’s hairstyling -: The idea that a woman’s hairstyle defines her is in vogue. When a woman is aware of the hairstyle she wants then this makes the process easy for our professionals. However, when a woman is unaware she can consult us. We offer the best consultation regarding hairstyles.
  2. Women’s face cleaning :- This is done in the evening shifts mainly. Face cleaning is an important part of maintaining one’s looks. Face cleaning is important because it allows the skin to breathe. Face cleaning involves the use of soft products on women’s skin. It brings about a change in the women’s appearance. It also benefits the skin by removing face’s dirty skin.
  3. Women’s Skin therapy :-  Women’s skin can get damaged due to exposure to the sun. If it is overexposed, then the damage can be severe. This is where the skin therapy comes to a woman’s rescue. It allows the damaged skin to come off. This allows fresh skin to reveal itself. When skin is clear it makes it possible for the person to have a fresh look.
  4. Women’s Facials for skin improvement :- When a lady wants to improve the complexion of her skin she can trust Fleekyou. Our professionals are trained to handle the skincare needs. Our salon fulfills its promise of improving the skin of a person. It uses gentle products for this. Skin improvement procedures are of 2 kinds. One is through moisturizing lotions. The other is through glowing cream lotions.


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